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Vel Tech TBI

Technology Business Incubator

Overview of Vel Tech TBI

Vel Tech TBI (Technology Business Incubator) enables technology embedded and innovation powered start-ups to survive and scale across a wide-spectrum of thrust areas with funding, infrastructure, mentorship, industry networking, resources and training.

Best Incubator Award 2018


Vel Tech TBI Received Best Incubator Award 2018, during the entrepreneurship fest hosted by College of Engineering, Guindy (Anna University)



Google Cloud Start-up Program Partner


Amazon AWS Start-up Program Partner


What’s happening on Vel Tech TBI

VPL - T20

Vel Tech TBI organized, VPL - T20 (Vel Tech Premier League) Sports cum Business Event 2018


TBI Workshop

Workshop on Writing A Business Plan

Strategic Objectives

  • Creation of Innovative technology ventures
  • Commercialize technology & thought leadership
  • Enable start-ups to survive and scale
  • Be a key enabler in Job Creation
  • Enable effective Industry-Academia collaboration fostering entrepreneurial climate and networking
  • Create and Sustain a dynamic Ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Harness global knowledge, thought leadership and entrepreneurship experience to enhance sources of opportunities, product-market fit and models of commercialization for incubatee startups


To be a World Class Incubator and Accelerator with successful track record of incubating leading products, solutions and services


To increase the successful development of new businesses, job creation and innovations that rapidly scale and create opportunities and value to all stakeholders across a wide spectrum of sectors at global & national level in alignment with Govt & key Partners

Facilities & Resources

Vel Tech TBI has state- of- the- art facilities to train and facilitate young graduates to become entrepreneurs in the field of E-Waste Management and other related areas like 3D Printing, Embedded Systems/VLSI, MAV/ Robotics, Automobile, Renewable Energy and IT/ITES. E-Waste Management: A Training Centre, established for processing E-waste. The Centre is equipped with the following facilities capable of treating the waste under the three stage treatment processes.

Manual operations

Suitable Workbenches and Hand Tools are provided to the trained work men for carrying out manual operations involving dismantling of E-Hardware, segregating and storing of various components so as to keep them ready for the second stage operations. Many Computers are dismantled and various components are segregated for feeding to the second stage operations.

Machine operations

Machines consisting of Shredders and different types of Separators equipped with Conveyors for material handling, Control panels etc. are under installation. Using these machines, the E-Wastes will be separated in to Ferrous, Non Ferrous and non metals.

Laboratory analytical work and Research on Separation of Heavy metals & Noble metals

With a full- fledged Analytical Laboratory consisting of essential Lab Equipment / Instruments and sophisticated Equipment like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer created under VelTech TBI, the focus on the important stage of separation of metals can be carried out by research mode. The Incubatees with business interests on E-Waste Management will be oriented on the three important R’s in preserving the Environment, namely “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” principles and trained in E-waste treatment processes so that they can make business venture in this important area.

Bio-Waste Management

Dealing with Bio-Wastes (both solid and liquid types) and arriving at safe methods of treatment and disposal require extensive analysis of the samples to be carried out in the laboratory to study the effects of the contents and prescribe Solution for disposal or converting into useful byproducts. Typically, the solid wastes generated by agricultural and domestic areas are taken up for treatment by composting methods for deriving useful products like bio manure etc.

The Liquid wastes, primarily the Effluents generated by Leather Tanning Industry and Textile Industry are analyzed and treated from the point of view of separating heavy metals like chromium and harmful chemicals like various dyes and the treated water can be used for gardening and other useful purposes.

With a view to focus on Bio- Waste Management, the VelTech TBI has set up an air-conditioned Lab consisting of state of art Equipment and Instruments. To name a few are

1. “SHIMADZU” Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer model AA- 7000 PC based and operating on WINDOWS Vista WizAArd Software with Double Beam Optics
2. “CYBER LAB” Digital UV spectrophotometer
3. BOD Incubator
4. Bacteriological Incubator
5. “REMI” Orbital shaking Incubator
6. Autoclave
7. Fume Exhaust Hood
8. “REMI” High speed Centrifuge etc.

More than thirty such facilities with required Chemicals, Glassware etc. are available in the Laboratory. The Incubatees can avail the facilities at very nominal Testing charges to get the required analysis done for their Business ventures.

Bio-Waste Management Laboratory

3D Printing Facilities

Discarded articles made out of non-bio degradable Plastics materials such as Polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, polyester, polyethylene, nylon, Kevlar, Teflon etc. pose enormous environmental problems. As such, these are to be treated appropriately and find alternate uses for the treated materials. In order to treat such materials, the TBI has installed Facilities like Plastics Crusher and Plastics Baler for processing the Wastes and dispose them for alternate uses.

An Incubator cell has been created to facilitate the Incubatees in having a separate office and transacting their business. The Pre-Incubation space/cell (150 to 200 Sq.ft ) will be provided free of cost for first 18 Months and from Nineteenth month onwards would be charged at the rate of Rs. 7/- per Square feet. The cell will be provided with furnished and equipped with individual terminals and Internet facilities so that each Incubatee can utilize the facilities for the Business networking purposes.. Any specific requirement to meet the demands of the incubatee may be created at additional cost by Incubator; the cost may be borne by the incubatee.

Incubator Cell / Incubation space


Qualified Personnel from the Institution with appropriate background and having relevant R&D experience are managing the respective groups and guiding the Incubatees for career orientation. External Experts in the respective areas as well pool in their contribution in organizing Workshops, Seminars etc.

Global Partnerships / Recognition / Awards / Networks

Step is an initiative of the United Nations and operates as part of The United Nations University (UNU) – the academic arm of the United Nations (UN).

Step – solving the e-waste problem

  • Step sets about establishing the facts and finding solutions our global environment urgently needs
  • Step oversees numerous training programmes and workshops and produces research reports and policy briefs
  • Step advises governments in the development of policies, legislation and management systems


University Industry Innovation Network B.V. Science Park 400 1098XH Amsterdam The Netherlands
UIIN – a dynamic network committed to driving innovation and entrepreneurship through university-industry interaction. Dedicated to sharing knowledge, discovering solutions and building relationships UIIN hosts the largest conference in the field, educates the leaders of tomorrow through its workshops and is involved in generating new knowledge in various European research projects.

ISBA is registered as a not-for-profit Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Its main objective is “To promote business incubation activities in the country through exchange of information, sharing of experience, and other networking assistance among Indian Business Incubators (TBIs), Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks (STEPs) and other related organizations engaged in the promotion of start-up enterprises.”


Asia Pacific Incubation Network Innovation and entrepreneurship are critical drivers of social and economic development. With increasing awareness around the world, especially in developing economies, about the need to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship, policymakers and other stakeholders increasingly view business incubation as an important tool to unleash human ingenuity, enable competitive enterprises and create sustainable jobs. Business Incubation in the Asia Pacific region continues to prosper, with a growing global profile and recognition, and to grapple with global, regional and national changes and socio economic challenges. www.psgstep.org/index.php?page_id=10
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