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Bio Waste Laboratory


Dealing with Bio-Wastes (both solid and liquid types) and arriving at safe methods of treatment and disposal require extensive analysis of the samples to be carried out in the laboratory to study the effects of the contents and prescribe Solution for disposal or converting into useful byproducts. Typically, the solid wastes generated by agricultural and domestic areas are taken up for treatment by composting methods for deriving useful products like bio manure etc.

The Liquid wastes, primarily the Effluents generated by Leather Tanning Industry and Textile Industry are analyzed and treated from the point of view of separating heavy metals like chromium and harmful chemicals like various dyes and the treated water can be used for gardening and other useful purposes.

With a view to focus on Bio- Waste Management, the VelTech TBI has set up an air-conditioned Lab consisting of state of art Equipment and Instruments. To name a few are

1.0 “SHIMADZU” Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer model AA- 7000 PC based and operating on WINDOWS Vista WizAArd Software with Double Beam Optics 2.0 “CYBER LAB” Digital UV spectrophotometer
3.0 BOD Incubator
4.0 Bacteriological Incubator
5.0 “REMI” Orbital shaking Incubator
6.0 Autoclave
7.0 Fume Exhaust Hood
8.0 “REMI” High speed Centrifuge etc.

More than thirty such facilities with required Chemicals, Glassware etc. are available in the Laboratory. The Incubatees can avail the facilities at very nominal Testing charges to get the required analysis done for their Business ventures.