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Selection Procedure

The steps involved in the selection of Incubatees are:

  • Screening of Application Forms by TBI Committee and forwarding to the Experts Panel

  • Reviewing of the application by Experts panel and identifying of prospective Incubatee.

  • Interviewing of Incubatee by the Experts Panel.

  • Receiving Formal approval from Panel.

  • Negotiating of TBI Terms & Conditions with incubatee.

  • Executing of Agreement by the Incubatee.

  • Inducting of Incubatee in TBI.

  • The selection and induction procedure may take a few days time.

  • Incubatee Training

    By imparting training, which is essentially an educational process, the participants can learn new information, re-learn and reinforce existing knowledge and skills, and most importantly have time to think and consider various options that can help them to improve their effectiveness at work. Effective training enables in developing skills and behaviors that can be transferred back to the workplace.

    Training can be offered as skill development for individuals and groups. In general, training involves presentation and learning of content as a means for enhancing skill development and improving workplace behaviors.

    With these as objectives VelTech TBI will enable the Incubatees to get trained in areas which are relevant to their chosen business ventures. By inviting Experts from leading Industries and reputed Institutions, Veltech Technical University organizes various programmes like Lectures, Conferences and Seminars inside the campus on wide variety of subjects and topics. Incubatees can avail the opportunities and attend these programmes as per their choice of interest.

    The Incubatees can interact one to one with the internal Faculty members and get relevant technological inputs which can be of much use in solving the technical problems faced by them.

    E-Waste management is one such area where the incubatees can get hands on experience on various Machines installed by TBI in the Training Centre which can practically demonstrate the technology involved in dealing with the E-Waste materials.

    Mode of selection of incubates