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Thrust Areas


Vel Tech Technology Incubator (Vel Tech TBI) Proposed by Vel Tech Technical University (Vel Tech) and Sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology (DST) has been established in Chennai with the total cost of Rs. 5.01 Cr. to focus on promoting new Innovations and Ventures in the area of Waste Management. Later As per the recommendation of National Advisory Committee (NAC), Vel Tech TBI is diversified the focus area and invited other sectors.

Vel Tech Technology Incubators promotes the technology ideas primarily belong to the following thrusts:

  • E-waste/Plastic waste Recycling – e-waste, Solid waste, factory waste, waste oil.
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D printing – Startups working in Additive Manufacturing
  • Embedded systems/VLSI - Electronic design automation
  • MAV/ Robotics – Mirco aerial Vehicle design/development
  • Automobile – Design and product development
  • Renewable Energy – Solar, Wind energy
  • Manufacturing – Precision Manufacturing, Plating & Coating & CAD/CAM
  • Agriculture – Agricultural equipments, Post harvest processing, Smart Agriculture and facilitative services.
  • Healthcare – Medical modeling, Diagnostic services, medical and prosthetics.
  • IT/ITES – IoT, Cloud Computing, Big data, Data analytics centre, Cyber Security.

  • The Thrust areas in waste Management would target waste recycling and conversion of products from waste. The recovery of inorganic materials from the Electronic circuits and boards by traditional methods will be improved to easy handling and Segregation with modern methods by rapid processing and safe operations. The biological wastes will be improved by latest Microbial Technologies for effective treatment so as to yield products which are used as manure, bio-Fertilizers and feed valuable raw materials for end product manufacturers.

    The following are the ongoing product development :

  • Coating grade 3D printing and PLA filament development
  • Portable Vapour Smoothing Station for 3D Printed Parts
  • Desktop Vibratory polishing unit for finishing thermoplastic parts
  • Small Satellite for Aerial Imagery
  • Robotic DIY kit Ornithopter