Incubatee List

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s
In the Year 2018

S.NoName of CompanyProduct / Service OfferedThrust Areas
1Mpover Esecure Tyre Service And Amc Pvt LtdThis eSecure Tyre service and AMC aimed at giving on the spot on line Tyre service to customers who gets complaint – failure of new tyres. This is against a general practice of attending and replacing or rejecting the complaint tyre by the manufacturers taking more than 15 days. This eSecure Tyre service using the digital application, the tyres are replaced within 30 minutes from the time of submission for the non-manufacturing complaint tyre.Auto-tech
2CAPCP Benchmarking Services Private LimitedData base software and automated comparison report generation/Automotive Benschmarking servicesManf-Tech
3Grego Recycling Private Limited.e waste recyclingEnviro-tech
4Watsinit Mobile Technologies Private LimitedSoftware Development and ServicesDigital Services
5Admatic SolutionThe main goal of the proposal is to design and implement a general purpose, collaborative robotic arm which can assist humans to perform high level tasks for example, pick-place operation, welding, CNC, packaging, assembly, learning from their own experiences etc. The project also focuses on building a vision system based robotic arm with advanced AI integrated.Manf-Tech
6Getegy Ecommerce Private LimitedProvide on line shopping which includes all kind of things like vegetable,electronics product,stationary item,ect with best quality and best price.Even day to day needs.Ecommerce
7CCC Digital India Private LimitedCampus to corporate connectionEdu-tech
8E-SoftSoftware developentDigital Services
9EnmartSoftware developentDigital Services
10Electronics Pragyan Technologies Pvt.LtdSoftware developent & TrainingDigital Services
11N-TechnologiesPrinter lineRetail-tech
12Life HackWater lineEnviro-tech
13Smart Recycling SolutionsMetal waste recyclingEnviro-tech
14JK TechnologiesMotor vehicle and non conventional energyAuto-tech
15Electronic Recycling SolutionsMetal waste recyclingEnviro-tech
16Labtree Workshops Private LimitedProvide Workshops In Educational InstitutionsEdu-tech
17Jo & Ro Engineering WorksManufacture of Fabricated Metal ProductsManf-Tech
18SIS Institute And Training CentreStep Into Success(Sis) Institute To Give Guide Lines For Engineering PlacementsEdu-tech
19Shri Krishna Manufacturing Pvc Insulation Tape(Elephant Brand)To Promote Innovation Products In To A Profitable Manner Successfully By Strong Sales /Marketing SetupManf-Tech
20Vibrant Marketing Private Limited1.Roof Garden Project, 2.Coconut Tree Productivityimprovement, EctAgri-tech
21Easywrite IndustryCreate the usable notebooks from waste papersEnviro-tech
22Adventure Group of IndustriesCreate A New Revolution In India By Encouraging The Agricultural SectorAgri-tech
23 A&P CompanyMake Some Modifications In Vehicle According To The Need Of CustomerAuto-Tech
24Khel BharatUsing The Latest Technology To develop the Web Portal, Like Asp.Net, Java Frameworks, Etc.Digital
25Robolife AgrifarmDevelop the chemicals using the technology of biotech and mechanism to spread the chemicals for improves growth of planets in agriculture field.Agri-tech
26ProtomakeDevelop the innovate 3D Prototype Models in Medical domain, Engineering domain.3D Printing
27Mishri Ventures LLPReward platform for all the users in all the popular mobile apps out there currently in the market. Users can earn credits by watching advertisements on their platform integrated with mobile apps.Retail-tech
28Digisync Info Solutions Pvt LtdComputer programming and consultancy and related activities. Information service activitiesDigital Services
29Shasha Solar Power Private LimitedManufacture of electronic components and electric power generation using solar energyClean-tech
30Rex Cyber Solution Pvt Ltd.Cyber securityDigital Services
31Turnpoint Technologies Private LimitedLED Solutions in Boat for FishermanManf-Tech
32Priyam Industries And Engineering Pvt LtdGreen vehicle manufacturingClean-tech
33Green Era Recyclerse waste recyclingEnviro-tech
34MAA EximTrading in Flex, Vinyl and Foam SheetRetail-tech
35Brassicae Technologies Private LimitedDevelop the Innovative and cost effective design solutions to the manufacturing industries using various software like CREO, Solid works, UG Nx (CAD) and Ansys, Hypermesh (CAE),Manf-Tech
36Indisparrow Technologies Pvt. Ltd.To provide scalable platform that anyone can use to create engaging consumer experiences.Digital Services
37Wemakescholars Edtech Pvt. LtdUsing AI technology(Interms of to arrange suitable scholarship and others),to help the students to continue higer studies in abrod and domestic with no costEdu-tech
38Internconnect Technology IncUsing the AI technology by bringing both aspiring students and companies/industries on to a single platform. Apart from the online tech solution, InternConnect also does innovative offline activities by partnering with university/college campusesEdu-tech
39Ozone Motors LtdDesign & Manufacturing Electric Vehicle-3 / 4 wheeler. Ozone Motors mission is to create Eco-friendly Transportation & Indigenous electric vehicle for the Indian market. The Battery Vehicle with an extended range of 100+ KMS per charge.Manf-Tech
40Gnapi Technologies Private LimitedProducing the Beauty care product products from Feathers.Enviro-tech
41Infrit Technologies Private Limitedwith Help of AI, Infrit is a seafood delivery mobile app based in Chennai focusing on delivering fresh fish to the customers through app order and delivery. We aim to provide the best shopping experience you can get.Ecommerce
42S&R Agro Bio-Techconverting bio-waste such as paddy straw, sugarcane baggase etc into medicinally valuable food product such as oyster mushroom, milky mushroom etc., MoreoverBio-Tech
43TheAppSolut Solutions Pvt. LtdTheAppSolutSolutions Pvt.Ltd, providing apps are designed and programmed to provide new and unsucceful entreprenuers a short-cut to success.Digital Services
44FXMKT Techonologies Pvt. LtdForeign exchange management platform- vision is building a trusted business transaction ecosystem with frictionless trade experience.Fin-tech
45Zouse Property Management Services Pvt LtdZouse manages properties on behalf of owners that include tenant acquisition and management, and property maintenance services. Zouse is a hassle free, technology driven, home rental service (end-to-end) that assists owners and tenants rent properties and get it managed professionally.Realestate-tech
46Jeshron Biotech Solution Pvt.LtdBio-TechnologyBio-Tech
47007 Global Tradesmart anti-theft vechile trackerAuto-tech
48IOTYCS Solutions Pvt.LtdKTOC-KeysTomyCareer Empowering lives through TechnologyEdu-Tech
49SLK DigitalPrinting of Banners, Posters, Flux, Lighting Board & Acrylic workDigital Services
50Apolivta Waste ManagementE-waste RecyclingEnviro-tech
51Cybergyan It Solution & ServicesDevelopment of Automated Systems Web DevelopmentDigital Services
52Yuvashakthi BiofertilizersBio TechnologyBio-Tech
53Alpha-Omega E-Waste ManagementMetal waste recyclingEnviro-tech
54Nilaya Metal DescendersBio TechnologyBio-Tech
55Vasuki BiometerialsBio TechnologyBio-Tech
56Eco-Friend Recyclers Pvt LtdMetal waste recyclingEnviro-tech
57Natural Gas and Natural Fertilizer Pvt LtdBio TechnologyBio-Tech
58Aaron Techno SystemMetal waste recyclingEnviro-tech
59Emerald E-Waste ManagementMetal waste recyclingEnviro-tech
60Mass BiologicalsBio TechnologyBio-Tech
61Paul JRB InnovationIT solutionDigital Services
62Bairavi BioremediesBio TechnologyBio-Tech
63Jariwala Innovation Private LimitedRoboticsManf-Tech
64R3 E-Waste ManagementMetal extraction, development of products from Glass Epoxy powder.Enviro-tech
65Avin AerospaceEstablishing Centre for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle.Auto-tech
66TPO TechnologiesSmall Satellite for Aerial ImageAuto-tech
67Polytech SolutionsRobotic DIY Kit for OrnithoptersManf-Tech
68Additive InnovationsJapping/Lacquering/Polishing3D Printing
69A2K BiopesticidesPesticidesBio-Tech
70Vayal AgroproductsAgrro Products ManufacturingAgri-tech
71Suryakiran Institute Of BiotechnologyEducationEdu-tech
72Sanaris TechnologiesAaron VLSI Design EDAManf-Tech
73Tinychip Embedded SolutionsEZ-USB FX2LP™ based PSoC® Development Kit (Axios v2.0)Manf-Tech
74Elements 42iPaper – Digital Secure Paper(NFC based chip)Digital Services
75EMCProjectsPortable Vapor Smoothing Station for 3D Printed Parts3D Printing
76Vibro LabTable Top Vibratory Finishing Unit for Surface Finishing of Thermoplastic PartsManf-Tech
77Dynamic Innovate EngineersMileage Enhancing DeviceAuto-Tech
78Barola AerosportsRadio relay equipmentDigital
79IE LabsPrint 3D prototype modules3D Printing
80Design And Prototype CentrePrint 3D prototype modules3D Printing
81Trail Cloud Innovation Services Pvt. LtdDeveloping a CRM software as a service (SaaS), under Cloud based Technology, for the Sales division specific to Pharmaceutical Industry, a first time in India model. This technology driven platform assist sales staff in improving work efficiency and thereby sales. Artificial Intelligence and recommendations, a unique and innovative feature provided by the software will make life easier for the sales & marketing people, starting from identifying customers to revenue recognition.Pharma-tech
82Letsbuysarees Online Services Pvt Ltd.To connect factory and customer directly to avoid mortar and brick expense and pass savings to customer pocket.Retail-tech

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s In the Year 2017

S.NoName of CompanyMain Promoter Name/Incubatee NameProduct / Service Offered (Max. 20 Words)
1M/s. Priyam Industries and Engineering Pvt. Ltd.Mr. C.K.GnanavelGreen Vehicle Manufacturing
2M/s. Green Era Recyclers Mr. Prasanth Omanakuttan E-Waste Recycling
3M/s. Capcp Benchmarking Services Pvt. Ltd.Mr. D. Ganapathy Data Base Software and Automated Comparison Report Generation
4M/s. MMA EXIM Mr. Pooja BohraTrading In Flex, Vinyl and Foam Sheet
5M/s. Brassicae Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Mr. SatishBrassicae Technologies will Provide Innovative and Cost Effective Design Solutions to the Manufacturing Industries using Various Software like CREO, Solid Works, UG NxX(CAD) and ANSYS, Hypermesh (CAE),
6M/s. Indisparrow Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Mr. Arvind SivdasTo Provide Scalable Platform that Anyone Can Use to Create Engaging Consumer Experiences.
7M/s.WeMakeScholars EdTech Pvt. LtdMs.Damini MahajanUsing our higher technology(Interms of to arrange suitable scholarship and others),to help the students to continue higher studies in abroad and domestic with no cost
8M/s.InternConnect technology IncMs.Rekha gulleInternConnect is a unique platform to increasing the placement / employment ratio. This is done using the technology by bringing aspiring students and companies / industries on to a single platform.
Apart from, InternConnect also does innovative offline/online Tech Solutions.
9M/s.Getegy Ecommerce Private LimitedMr.Anup KumarProvide on line shopping which includes all kind of things like grocery items with best quality and best price also services.
10M/s.Admatic SolutionMr.saravananIT/ITES-Industrial Robotic Solution Provider
11M/S. Trail Cloud Innovation Services Pvt. LtdMr. V. RavishankarDeveloping a CRM software as a service (SaaS), under Cloud based Technology, for the Sales division specific to Pharmaceutical Industry, a first time in India model. This technology driven platform assist sales staff in improving work efficiency and thereby sales..
12M/s.MPover eSecure Tyre Service and AMC Pvt LtdMr.V. AnuradhaThis eSecure Tyre service and AMC aimed at giving on the spot on line Tyre service to customers who gets complaint – failure of new tyres. This eSecure Tyre service using the digital application, the tyres are replaced within 30 minutes.
13M/s. Letsbuy Sarees Pvt. LtdMr. John ClementOnline Platform for Ethinic wears

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s
In the Year 2016

S.NoName of CompanyMain Promoter Name/Incubatee NameIndustry Sector To Which Venture Would Belong
1M/s. Labtree Workshops Private Limited Mr. Bhaskar Kumar VermaEducation
2M/s. Jo & Ro Engineering Works Mr. Daniel Charles JohnkennadyManufacturing
3M/s. SIS Institute and Training CentreMr. GopalakrishnanEducational
4M/s. Shri Krishna Manufacturing PVC Insulation Tape (Elephant Brand)Mr. Hitesh Kumar.NManufacturing
5M/s. Vibrant Marketing Private Limited Mr. T.S.K .VenkatasubbarraoAgriculture
6M/s. Adventure Group Of IndustriesMr. Uda Prem KumarE-Commerce
7M/s. A & P CompanyMr. Anand KumarAutomation
8M/s. Khel BharatMr. Mohit Kumar SinghIT/ITES
9M/s. Robolife AgrifarmMr. Arpan SharmaAgriculture
10M/s. ProtomakeMr. Madhan Raj Ramachandran3D Printing
11M/s. Mishri Ventures LLP Mr. Deepak ChandE-commerce
12M/s. Digisync Info Solutions Pvt LtdMr. Sridhar T A IT/ITES
13M/s. Shasha Solar Power Private LimitedMr. Baranitharan SobanadevManufacturing
14M/s. Rex Cyber Solution Pvt Ltd.Mr. Rex AntonnyIT/ITES
15M/s. Turnpoint Technologies Private LimitedMr. Chandan BhattacharjeeEnergy
16M/s. Grego Recycling Private Limited.Mr. Niranjan SharmaE-waste

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s
In the Year 2015

S.NoName of CompanyMain Promoter Name/Incubatee NameIndustry Sector To Which Venture Would Belong
1M/s. Sanaris TechnologiesMs. Sujatha CyrilVLSI
2M/s. Tinychip Embedded SolutionsMr. Srinivas A N.Elecronic System Design
3M/s. Elements 42Mr. VikasSlathia,Document Security
Mr. Pruthvi Rao
4M/s. EMC ProjectsMr. Mithun V KulkarniSurface Engineering
5M/s. Vibro LabMs. Shruthi.PSurface Finishing
6M/s. Dynamic Innovate EngineersMr. G.SivakumarAutomobile Engineering
7M/s. Barola AerosportsMr. Karan BarolaRadio relay equipment
8M/s. IE LABSDr. U.Chandrasekar3D printing
9M/s. Design and Prototype CentreDr. U.Chandrasekar 
10M/s. Watsinit Mobile Technologies Private LimitedMr. Gandhi karunaSoftware Development and Services
11M/s. E-SoftMr. Ravi TuppadSoftware
12M/s. EnmartMr. Manjunath LoharSoftware
13M/s. Electronics Pragyan Technologies Pvt.LtdMr. Aman kumarSoftware
14M/s. N-TechnologiesMr. NiwazPrinter line
15M/s. Life HackMr. Ajit BabuWater line
16M/s. Smart Recycling SolutionsMr. M.ParthibanMetal waste recycling
17M/s. JK TechnologiesMr. Janakiram MMotor vheicle and non conventional energy
18M/s. Electronic Recycling SolutionsMr. M.SivaneswaranMetal waste recycling

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s
In the Year 2014

S.NoName of CompanyMain Promoter Name/Incubatee NameIndustry Sector To Which Venture Would Belong
1M/s. Jariwala Innovation Pvt.LtdMr. Vishal Rajendra JariwalaRobotics
2M/s. R3 E-Waste ManagementMr. D.HariharanE waste / Metal extraction
3M/s. AVIN AerospaceMr. C. Dinesh KumarService
4M/s. TPO TechnologiesDr. K. ElangovanManufacturing/Services
5M/s. Polytech SolutionsMr. Karthick MService
6M/s. Additive InnovationsMr.Rodriguez Arthurs S AJapping/Lacquering/Polishing
7M/s. BiopesticidesMs. R.Arulmozhi Bio pesticides
8M/s. Vayal agroproductsMr. S.Lankesh To product Agro products
9M/s. Suryakiran Institute of BiotechnologyMr. M.Ranjith kumar Biotechnology

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s
In the Year 2013

S.NoName of CompanyMain Promoter Name/Incubatee NameIndustry Sector To Which Venture Would Belong
1M/s. Cybergyan IT Solution & ServicesMr. VinayRanjanIT Solutions
2M/s. Yuvashakthi BiofertilizersMr. T.John Nixon DhanrajBio Technology
3M/s. Alpha-Omega E-waste ManagementMr. E.Arun kumarMetal Waste Recycling
4M/s. Nilaya Metal DescendersMr. L.PrameelaBio Technology
5M/s. Vasuki BiometerialsMr. S.VaishnaviBio Technology
6M/s. ECO-Friend Recyclers Pvt.LtdMr. S.VigneshwaranMetal waste Recycling
7M/s. Natural Gas and Natural Fertilizer Pvt.LtdMr. K. Karuppasamy pandianBio Technology
8M/s. Aaron Techno SystemMr. A.AravindMetal Waste Recycling
9M/s. Emerald E-waste Management Mr. M.ChendrayanMetal Waste Recycling
10M/s. Mass BiologicalsMr. R.Anna ShineyBio Technology
11M/s. Paul FRB InnovationMr. S.A.Antony PaulIT solution
12M/s. Bairavi BioremediesMr. N.SripriyaBio Technology

Vel Tech TBI-Incubatee’s
In the Year 2012

S.NoName of CompanyMain Promoter Name/Incubatee NameProduct / Service Offered (Max. 20 Words)Industry Sector To Which Venture Would Belong
1M/s. SLK DigitalMr. SaravananPrinting of Banners, Posters, Flux, Lighting Board, Visiting Cards & Acrylic work)Flex and Digital Printing/ Recycling of Used Flex
2M/s. Apolivta Waste ManagementMr. Hariharan.K E-Waste RecyclingE-Waste
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